Vegan In The Valley

Vegan in the valley is the program designed by WVO Nepal which intends to support bothNepali and Foreign travellers who are interested in a plant-based diet, it makes their travelless burdensome. Nepal is a country of vallies which include major destinations likeKathmandu and Pokhara. Through this project, WVO Nepal would be working as anintermediary to connect the sector of vegetarianism/veganism to that particular place to thetraveller. For example, if one is travelling or willing to travel from the US to Nepal and isinterested in taking Nepali vegan food cooking class in Kathmandu or Pokhara or any otherregion then, this project can be crucial in connecting them with vegan-friendly restaurant/s inthat certain place. Vegan in the Valley includes other programs like green hiking, meditation,yoga, connecting with the local vegetarian/vegan organization, how to communicate one’sdietary preference when one doesn’t know the language, plant-based food testing, list ofvegan products, and so on. It is expected to help in the collection of information about theplant-based travellers when they enter Nepal and also to disseminate the information of theVegan movement in Nepal to that traveller.

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