Vegan Trails

World Vegan Organisation Nepal is aiming to develop Nepal as a country into one of the top vegan-friendly tourist destinations in the globe and to play a huge role in attracting the local Nepali people towards Veganism by establishing vegan trails in various places of Nepal, with the technical and promotional assistance of VegVoyages and Muktinath Pvt Ltd along with the collaboration from the local government, public, village, youth and schools.

We are planning to bring local and foreign guests, and let them enjoy the view of nature, taste healthy organic local foods and also participate in several Vegan/Vegetarian events.Over the coming months we’ll be completing 3 different Vegan Trails in Nepal, the first of their kind in the Himalaya! These trails were developed with the cooperation of local communities in non-tourist areas of Nepal as a means of providing sustainable tourism opportunities for those communities who otherwise would not have them. The vegan trails range from 2-5 day treks complete with spectacular Himalayan views and vegan-friendly homestays (trained in the kitchen as well as in other vegan sensitivities). Workshops hosted by local vegans help the communities “veganize” their family recipes.

Laminated checklists and certification courses in the villages and the homes are all provided free of charge. The trails have good “Vegan Trail” signage, maps, and promotion through local tourist boards.

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